Through the centuries Italy represented the cradle of the numerous artists whose talents and excellence are truly undeniable.  In the world of art inspiration and persistency come hand in hand making the real battle in the life of those who possess them.  And when a person dedicates himself to this battle, the art consumes him completely and irrevocably…
Every day Piergiorgio Colautti starts with a cup of coffee and a new idea for his work.  Son of the sculptor, he became familiar with the passion to create since early childhood.  Even now, after he passed his 8th decade, when he holds the brush before the canvas his hands tremble – not because of age, but due to the subtle sensation of the future painting which yet exists only in his head.
Tragic events of the Second World War made Piergiorgio and his family flee to Veneto. Being yet too young he lost his father and had to start working in order to feed himself and his kin. But his vigor to learn was still very bright, so he continued his education following a dream to become an artist.
Colautti took his first steps in his future profession when his works took part in collective exhibitions in Venice, Mestre, Pordenone, Ancona and Macerata. Though the style of his paintings at that time was still not completely defined, Colautti was warmly welcomed by the modern art society, which inspired him to attempt to turn his passion into a profession.    
Full of new hopes and believing in his talent, Colautti returns to Rome in 1958 and goes straight to the place which can give him the necessary knowledge to become skilled in art and to be able to associate with contemporary Italian artists. Rome's School of Ornamental Art became his second home. There he could fully express his thoughts and ideas and present his works before the eyes of the strict but fair judges – the tutors.
One day at school Colautti met Alberto Ziveri – well known Italian painter - who significantly changed the course of his education. Ziveri noticed Colautti's unusual technique and helped Colautti to polish and perfect it during his five years of study. Being encouraged by Ziveri, Colautti gained enough confidence in his oeuvre to go public with his first personal exhibition, which happened in 1958 at the "La Scaletta" art gallery. This exhibition was a push for Colautti to look beyond the borders of his motherland and show his works in other European countries like France and Germany as well as the US and Canada.
Throughout the decades of his work as an artist, Colautti played with the graphic styles progressing into the futurism.  There were several different periods which can be identified purely browsing through the multitude of his paintings.
First period can be seen in his early works (1962-1970) and represented classic school with a hint of surrealism. Mostly landscapes and portraits, they depicted his usual surroundings: his home, his closest family, friends and Italian architecture, which he is fond of. But with each new painting, he added tiny details which to be out of the ordinary world.
In the second period (1971-1991) Colautti appealed to the close connection between humans and machines – not only cars but also computers which were gaining popularity in those days. Symbiosis of flesh and metal, machine with the human torso and keyboard in hands – those are the main elements of his works, combining surrealism with futurism.
The third period came during the early 90’s, when Italy was undergoing turbulent times politically. Paintings of Colautti became more sarcastic and depicted well-known politicians in apocalyptic sceneries. Satire and allegory were his tools of expression. At the same time, Colautti experimented with the use of symbols – figurative elements, digits, letters etc. As a result, he developed his own extraordinary futuristic style which became his “business card” in the couloirs of art galleries and exhibitions.
In the beginning of the 21st century, Colautti preserved distinctive features of his style, combining elements from different periods.
If you want to get familiar with the art of Piergiorgio Colautti, you are welcome to visit his studio in Rome, where you will see not only paintings from different periods, but also sculptures and lithography.